Orkide; Asaletin Ve Zarafetin Sembolü

Orchid; Symbol of Nobility and Elegance

Orchids, which have thousands of varieties, are among the most valuable flowers in the world. A fossil orchid found in the Dominican Republic has shown us that this precious flower also existed in the time of the dinosaurs. In other words, we have a miraculous flower dating back 85 million years.

The homeland of the orchid is South America. Orchid, which has a place in mythology, is the name of a demigod, the son of a satyr and a nymph. According to the legend, this demigod, who was killed during the Dionysus Feast, is reborn and returns to the world as an orchid.
The care of orchids, which is in the first place among the most loved flowers with its beauty and nobility, is at least as delicate as itself and requires care. With the right care, you can even reproduce your orchids, which will prolong their life, with the extra time and effort you will spend.

Orchid Care
As with every flower, one of the most important points in orchid care is the place where you will grow your flower. The place where the orchid will stand should be a bright area. You just have to make sure they don't get the sun directly. For this reason, window edges or thick curtains can be preferred instead of the front of the window.

Another important point is the ambient temperature. Especially during the budding period, it is recommended that the temperature of the area where the orchids are located should be 23 degrees during the day and 18 degrees at night. You should also keep your orchids away from heat sources such as air conditioning and heating.

It is desirable that the pot of your orchid is not too large. 10-12 cm pots are ideal. Soil is also vital for your orchid. Specially prepared orchid soil should be preferred instead of familiar soil. These special soils contain materials that give your orchid the minerals it needs, such as charcoal crumbs, sphagnum moss, perlite, pumice, fern and bark.
Finally, the indispensable stage of orchid care is irrigation. Orchids do not like their roots to be more humid than necessary, so watering every day is not recommended. It will be sufficient to irrigate 2-3 times a week in summer and 1-2 times a week in winter. If you wish, you can keep your orchid in a deep and water-filled container, or you can water it with the shower technique, and you can spray the leaves with extra water. After watering, you should make sure that excess water drains away and does not accumulate at the bottom of the pot.

Most Popular Orchid Varieties
- White Orchid
- Blue Orchid
- Vanda Orchid
- Bee Orchid
- White Feather Orchid
- Idiot Cotton Orchid
- Exotic Orchid
- Sun Orchid
- Hawaii Orchid
- Ghost Orchid
- Pansy Orchid
- Hybrid Green Orchid
- Kimono Orchid
- Frog Dracula Orchid
- Sword Orchid
- Blue Color Butterfly Orchid
- Purple Bearded Orchid
- Pink Orchid
- Saba Queen Orchid

Orchids, which are never missing from the window of Gazebo Flowers & Events, can be used in all areas and bouquets, from birthdays, wedding anniversaries, new business start celebrations and request flowers, as well as eye-catching on their own. Our flower designers will be pleased to prepare special orchid arrangements for you.